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How and what types of carpets we can clean?

Swift Cleans provides carpet cleaning services throughout Hampshire and surrounding areas for all types of carpets. We use different professional cleaning methods depending on the fabric your flooring is made from - the hot-water extraction method and the dry cleaning method. Additionally, the dry cleaning method has two different variations, too. Here’s what each of those cleaning techniques is appropriate for:

  • Hot-water extraction carpet cleaning - hot water extraction cleaning is appropriate for most types of common carpets. It can be used on synthetic (microfibre, man-made, polyester) and woollen materials.

  • Dry carpet cleaning - dry carpet cleaning has two variations, powder dry carpet cleaning and solvent dry carpet cleaning. The powder dry carpet cleaning is used on hard carpets made of natural fibres. Those are sea-grass, jute, sisal, etc. The solvent dry carpet cleaning is used for expensive rugs and upholstery furniture, as well as curtains made of delicate materials.